Submersible Mixer

I like the idea of low speed submersible mixers as thrusters. The thrusters have large propellers, like 6 feet (2 meters), that turn slowly. The motors are like 2 to 10 Hp (1.5 kw to 7.5 kw) but the thrust can be 200 to 1000 lbs. So the electricity is low enough to be powered by solar. See here, or here. These have lots of thrust but since they turn slow the top speed may only be 2 or 3 MPH. We will have 4 of these, so probably each one can be very low power, like 1.5 kw or 2.5 kw. Also, the propeller size might be 5 foot, not the largest sizes, and maybe not the lowest speeds.

These use low enough power that solar could drive these all day long. In the Caribbean you could usually get to another country in a day. If you are playing on the Internet you probably don't care how long it takes anyway. But when moving slow on the ocean you must take extra care to get enough stability to be comfortable.

We will have to plan for currents though. If we are going against a current that is faster than the seastead, that would be a problem. It seems there are so many edies that with the right plan we could be ok. This will be something to figure out though.

Requirements for potential vendors

  1. Should be 1000 newtons thrust or more.
  2. Designed for corrosive environment of ocean salt water. Any metal exposed to liquid should probably be 316 stainless steel or duplex stainless steel. Please state what type of steel you have on exposed parts. For the propeller it could be stainless steel, fiberglass, or some type of plastic that is ok in salt water.
  3. Probably 1.3 meter to 1.6 meter diameter propeller
  4. 3 kw or under should be enough but more is ok as long as not too costly.
  5. Variable speed control. Not just on/off. If you do not sell such a controller please tell me of one that is compatible with your mixer.
  6. Controlled from my computer. I want my software to be able to control the mixer. Please say what type of cord and what protocol is used.

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