We want the parts to come in a 40 foot container. But after these are put together the seastead is a big thing so driving down the road with it probably won't work. So we need to build it next to the water or on the water.


We could build on a beach or next to a harbor and then launch it. Possibly something like an old car (engine and fluids removed) under each leg that rolls down into the water.

Or might have body roll down on telephone poles into the water and then attach the legs after it is out in the water.

Barge Launch

We might put it together on a barge in Road Bay. Maybe a small crane on the barge to help. Then we will use a crane to position pieces and bolt them together on this beach on top of some old telephone poles. Then when done we will roll it into the water. We may put the legs on after the main platform is in deap water.