Galt's Ocean

In Ayn Rand's book Atlas Shrugged, the heroes escape from an oppressive government to a hidden valley known as "Galt's Gulch". However, the idea of a hidden location on land where people can escape government control is impractical, as any government can easily find and tax those living on land.

That's where seasteads come in. If your seastead home can handle the open ocean, it is always possible to get outside of any national jurisdiction. So while "Galt's Gulch" could never work, "Galt's Ocean" could. Seastead will allow people to choose the legal jurisdiction they want to live under, and easily change their mind if the government becomes oppressive.

If there are enough Seasteads that might move away if the local government becomes burdensome, it could even give governments an incentive to treat them well in order to attract their business.

While the idea of living on a seastead may seem far-fetched, it just takes the right technology and that is advancing fast. With satelite internet one of the main issues is almost solved. As technology keeps advancing seasteads will become more practical and popular. Some day Galt's Ocean may become a reality for many individual families seeking freedom.

Once there are enough seasteading families, there will even be communities that stay in international waters all the time.