Design Goals

  1. Comfortable and Safe in waves
  2. Solar and electric power
  3. Low cost minimum configuration
  4. Parts fit in a 40 foot container
  5. Assemble by bolting together, not welding
  6. Last a very long time in ocean
  7. Would like structure to be 80 to 100 feet long
  8. Thinking like 500 to 2000 sq feet of inside space
  9. Enough outside space that can be used as a fishing platform
  10. Simple to operate
  11. Want multiple seasteads to link together in a train as in this video

Not design goals

  1. Does not have to be finished inside - just functional
  2. Does not have to be fast but would like 1 or 2 knots or more to cope with currents

Current Approach

  1. Titanium
  2. Very big propellers
  3. Solar panels on big roof and maybe even walls
  4. Body like a box-beam bridge. Have 4 legs and 4 floats. Attachments at both ends.
  5. Want to be able to build another seastead on an existing seastead frame. When the frame for the next one was done the chains on the floats would be let out so the first one lowers into the water and the new one floats away. This is sort of a seastead version of a Dry Dock. Neither the dry-dock-seastead or new one would be finished out with things like motors, solar, batteries, etc. So they would be part of a seastead train while being worked on. At least one in the train would have solar and motors.
  6. We expect to use Starlink for Internet service.