Design Goals

  1. Comfortable and Safe in waves
  2. Solar and electric power
  3. Low cost minimum configuration
  4. Parts fit in a 40 foot container
  5. Assemble by mostly bolting together (not much welding at least for prototypes)
  6. Last a very long time in ocean
  7. Would like structure to be 60 to 100 feet long
  8. Thinking like 500 to 2000 sq feet of inside space
  9. Enough outside space that can be used as a fishing platform
  10. Simple to operate (less hours of training needed than sailboat or diesel boat).
  11. Want multiple seasteads to link together in a train as in this video
  12. Want fault tolerance so that no single failure of cable, float, or leg risks sinking. Also so we can replace parts without hauling out.

Not design goals

  1. Does not have to be finished inside - just functional
  2. Does not have to be fast but would like 1 or 2 knots or more to cope with currents

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